Thursday, August 30, 2018

What Is Second Tongue?

Body piercings are popular and the most common piercing between the ages 18-29 is the tongue piercing.

Wearing a tongue stud can put people at risk for chipped teeth, recessed gums and nerve damage. However, getting an oral piercing increases your chances of getting a fatal infection.

It's been reported that a pierced tongues can develop a large, round lump adjacent to the piercing. This lump is called the "second tongue". This lump doesn't hurt but its been determined to be scar tissue.

To help the decrease the size of the "second tongue" increase your oral hygiene routine up to multiple times a day (frequent use of mouthwash) and replace the stud to a smaller shafted stud.

The best way to protect your overall oral health is to not get your tongue pierced!

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