Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teeth: Fingerprints in your mouth?

We all know that our fingerprints are a surefire way to identify a person. Did you know that your teeth can be used to identify you as well? Every person has unique crevices and markings on their teeth, when you bite something or someone, they can actually match up your bite the same as they would a finger or footprint. This kind of forensic dentistry is used to identify persons who are victims of crimes or accidents. They also use this kind of forensic dentistry to identify criminals. Ted Bundy was identified by teeth marks he left on one of his victims. It is even possible for them to access your dental records to find out what kind of dentistry you’ve had done to try and change your bite. Aside from the criminal aspect of dental forensics, it has also been used in identifying ancient human or animal remains. It’s just interesting to me all the things we don’t realize that make us individual and unique. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Soft Drinks Are Bad For Your Teeth!

It's not just the sugar in soft drinks that causes decay, it's the phosphoric acid and other additives that are the most harmful. I know a couple of hygienists who will attest to the fact that the majority of tooth decay and periodontal problems in young adults today is due to their regular consumption of soft drinks, especially Coke! If you're in doubt of this, try a couple of experiments. I remember doing this one in the eighth grade! Take a 16 penny nail and drop it into a glass of Coke. Check the results after 24 hours, then 36 hours, then 48. All the coating will wear away and it will rust! If that doesn't convince you, try cleaning a corroded battery cable connector by pouring a little Coke on it. It will eat away the corrosion and clean the cable. Imagine what this stuff will do to your teeth! (Not to mention your stomach.) Here is a link to some interesting facts about the effects of soda on your teeth.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Great DDS/DMD Debate: Different or the Same?

Many of you have asked the question: What is the difference between a dentist with the initials DDS or DMD? I have tried to answer this question in a simple a precise way to finally put this irrelevant question to rest. It appears that some amongst us would like to confuse life in more then it already is. I have never in my whole life understood why people have to try to confuse other people and so I wanted to set the record straight on this one.

How To Effectively Deal With Difficult People

We've all encountered this type of person. He/she may be a friend, co-worker, boss, sibling, spouse, or simply a clerk at the market, gas station or doctor's office.....the list goes on and on. Typically, this type of person tends to transfer all of their hostility and insecurity to those of us around them. They place blame, belittle and degrade others, speak in condescending or insulting tones, refuse or dismiss ideas and solutions that are not their own, and they may be prone to explosive outbursts and, consequently, they fail to see the effects that their own bad behavior has on others. I've included a link that provides some insight for recognizing and effectively managing a relationship with someone who is a difficult person. Click here for an enlightening article!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a quick note

I just finished reading a magazine on health titled: yourhealth America's Health Brand. It had enough interesting articles about all different kinds of health related questions that I wanted to pass this resource on to you. I found it on the counter at my Pharmacy and it was free. It appears to be a local monthly magazine and if you are interested in taking a look at it, but can't find it, then here is the number: 480-353-1703. I have no affiliation with this magazine and would advise you to check into any information you read about with your own health care provider before acting upon any information in this magazine.