Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Never Let an Abscessed Tooth Go Untreated!

Of all of the dental problems one can have, abscesses are among the most dangerous and unpredictable. Often times, people will let tooth pain go for a lengthy period of time and will not see a dentist until their pain is severe and an abscess has developed. Other times, an abscess can develop seemingly overnight. In rarer instances, an abscess can be growing under a tooth without the patient suffering severe pain and the only symptoms may be too subtle to notice by the untrained eye.... The danger in letting an abscess go untreated is that serious complications can arise. The following list should make someone sit up and pay attention!

If left untreated, abscesses can cause:

1. Loss of the tooth
2. Fever, chills
3. Spread of infection to jawbone (serious infection can cause disfigurement)
4. Spread of infection to brain, heart or lungs (extremely dangerous, can cause death!)
5. Excessive swelling leading to blockage of airway or inability to eat or drink

You cannot be too careful with a toothache, or even a can lead to an abscess.
If you or anyone you know has a toothache, don't let it progress to an abscess! If dental care is not immediately available, go to an urgent care center or the ER for treatment! Abscesses can become life threatening!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Myths and Facts

Do you know what ones are myths or facts?

Sugar Is the Prime Cause of Cavities? (MYTH AND FACT)

Exposure to Acidic Foods Like Lemons Causes Tooth Decay? (FACT)

Kids Are a Lot More Likely to Get Cavities Than Adults? (MYTH)

Aspirin Placed Next to a Tooth Will Help a Toothache? (MYTH)

All Fillings Eventually Need Replacing? (MYTH)

If You Have a Cavity, You'll Know It? (MYTH)

Once a Tooth Is Treated, the Decaying Stops? (FACT)

Cavities Are More Likely Between Teeth? (FACT)

Gaps in Teeth Encourage Cavities? (FACT)

Brushing and Flossing Is the Best Way to Prevent Cavities? (FACT)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

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