Sunday, August 5, 2018

Canker "Mouth" Sores Home Treatment

Canker sores are painful, no doubt about it. I get them as an allergic reaction to citrus. Well, I got sick, drank a big glass of orange juice and now I am paying the price. 5 of them in my mouth. Eating hurts, drinking hurts, moving my tongue near one of them hurts. Plain and simple, my mouth hurts.

However, I have found somethings that helps ease the pain and helps them heal up a little faster.

1. Warm Salt Water - as I mentioned in one of previous blogs, this is my go to for almost anything mouth related. It does sting a little bit at first, but the relief afterwords is worth it.

2. Consistent brushing. This is a given everyday whether you have canker sores or not, but even missing one brushing, you will feel the difference.

3. Allow ice chips to dissolve slowly in your moth for relief of pain.

4. Lastly, i have used carrot, celery, and cantaloupe juices, the have helped to.

Any other ideas? Please let me know.!

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