Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dental Treatment? Who Can Afford It?

Given the current cost of dental procedures, that is a valid question. If keeping up with your dental needs has been put on the back burner, you're not alone. A good percentage of the population will still put off having routine dental exams and treatment because the cost is just too great. Let's face it, it's a "necessary luxury".  No one really thinks about dental coverage or dental work unless there is a problem. You may want to reconsider! In case you haven't noticed, even though the economy has begun to recover and wages are steadier, the price of dentistry isn't getting any cheaper! 
If you have a dental plan, use it! If you don't, now may be the time to get it. It can help keep the rising cost of dental care down. It's more important than ever to have some type of coverage. 
Here is an important thing to note: Dental plans are generally less expensive than insurance and tend to discount more procedures and products than traditional insurance. Insurance companies limit your benefits. Typically, dental plans don't.  Do your homework, but get some good dental coverage!

Don't wait for a toothache!!

As always, keep smiling!

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