Thursday, September 26, 2019

Oral Care And Substance Abuse

The first thing people notice about you is your smile. However, if you struggle or have struggled with substance abuse you most likely don't want to smile because of your teeth.

Published in the Journal of the American Dental Association a study was conducted by the University of Utah School of Dentistry.  Researchers decided to explore "the effect of comprehensive oral care for a more holistic approach to substance use disorder treatment."

Their findings were shocking! Participants who had major oral procedures done stayed in treatment approximately two times longer than needed and more than 80% completed their treatment.

It's amazing how much power a smile has over us!!

To read the rest of the study click here!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Inexpensive Dentures, Crowns, Veneers..Not Always Your Best Option

Would you settle for plastic dentures?  Are you looking for cheap dental work?  Well, ok, but do your homework!

In today's world of technology, cosmetic dentistry is fast becoming one of the most expensive options for people to help improve their appearance. Veneers, Implants and Dentures are among those options.  With that in mind, there are many discount facilities out there that claim they can makeover your smile for a fraction of the norm.  A good rule of thumb here is to remember this: you'll probably get exactly what you pay for!

When it comes to dentures, and especially is not always better!  Cheap dentures can cause more problems than they're worth in terms of repairs, adjustments and fit. Don't get me wrong...there are many who need them and simply cannot afford to pay for an expensive set. But trust me, there are still options out there to get affordable dentures. When considering discount dentures as an option to keep costs down, one should always avoid the advertisements from places that offer a "quality product" in one day or less, or a product with sub-grade materials such as plastic.. 

The bottom line is this: Explore your options!  There are facilities out there that will finance your dentures, there are finance companies who will loan to people who might not otherwise qualify, and there are still places available that will make a quality product for less money.

Keep Smiling!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Extraction Aftercare!

Aftercare on a tooth extraction can vary depending on the type of procedure that was done and how your body responds to healing.

One thing is for sure, you may have bleeding for 24 hours, so don't freak out!

  • 1-2 days after an extraction:
    • Rest - try not to bend over or pick up anything heavy.
    • Change gauze - if needed, change gauze every 30 min.
    • eating- Eat soft foods and chew on the opposite side of the mouth.
    •  Avoid Swishing - Put water in your mouth and gently tilt head from side to side and spit. SO NOT swish.
    • No Straws - sucking can cause dry sockets.
    • Medications - take prescribed medication as needed.
    • No smoking - just like the straw, this can create a dry socket.
    • Elevate head - when you sleep, elevate your head. This will prevent blood pooling and make healing fast.
    • Brush and floss - super gentle around the extraction site.
  • 3-10 days after extraction:
    • Saline rinse - use warm salt water to rinse the mouth.
    • Brush and floss - continue as normal.
    •  Eat - continue eating soft foods.
If you are experiencing any pain after a week or 10 days, consult your dentist right away!

*These are basic instructions. If your dentist gives you an instruction sheet, please follow theirs*

Information found here!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

My Teeth Could Use Some Brightening- What Actually Works?

We all know that coffee, tea, wine, dark snacks, and condiments will stain our teeth. This does not mean you have to swear them off though!

The dietitian says:
 Just rinse your mouth with water right after eating, or stash some sugar-free chewing gum. Consider adding foods and drinks that work towards whiter teeth into your diet, such as cheese, fruit, and veggies.

-Lisa Young, PH.D

The dentist says:

Use at home teeth whiting kits such as Crest 3D whiting strips for lighter stains. For darker stains or instant result, you will need professional whitening.

-Marc Lowenberg, D.D.S.

The makeup artist says:.
Cool-toned lip colors create an optical illusion. Fair skin should wear pinks, medium/olive toned skin should wear reds, while darker skin tones should stick to plums. Another trick is to dust some bronzer. Tanned skin makes teeth stand out!

-Matthew VanLeeuwen, Celebrity makeup artist

 Information was found in the Redbook magazine. October 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Clear Braces-From Mail Order Kits to Invisalign, Are They Right For You?

Clear braces are the current rave...and many young adults and teens are hoping to escape those "ugly metal braces".  But are they right for you?  Maybe not!

Clear braces may sound like a more attractive deal than they really are.  There are many mail order types available, ranging from $79 kits to $1895 packages that allow you to take your own impressions, mail them in and then wait for the aligners to come in the mail.  What many people don't understand is that there are  certain dental maladies that clear braces cannot fix, such as a tooth that has not fully erupted or grown in, or a twisted tooth, or even a misaligned jaw.  Those things require metal braces. While companies like Invisalign have come a long way in recent years, i.e. treating more severe cases of malocclusion, there are still advantages to wearing metal braces. Additionally, you may be required to wear clear braces for a longer period of time than you might with metal braces.  

Clear braces are expensive.  Although some insurance companies now cover Invisalign, be sure to see a certified Invisalign provider to make sure it is the right fit for you!  

Keep Smiling!  

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Probiotics For The Mouth?

That's right! Probiotics are not just for gut health they can keep your mouth healthy too!

Here are some ways the benefits of oral probiotics:
  • Helps prevent Plaque 
  • Helps fight bad breath
  • May prevent oral cancer
  • Helps manage symptoms of Gingivitis
  • May decrease inflammation in the mouth
 Although taking probiotics is beneficial to most people, however, children, seniors, and pregnant women should avoid taking them. 

If you are the type of person who cannot swallow pills or like me who forgets to take them you're in luck because there are many different types of foods that you can get probiotics from such as enhanced milk, yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut to just name a few!

Remember to consult with your dentist before being probiotics!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Importance of a Dental Provider's Role in Early Detection of HIV

It is commonly known that early detection of HIV combined with advances in treatment can give individuals more years, more options, and more hope.  The dental community can be the first line of defense in identifying possible signs of HIV.  Dental teams have a unique opportunity to identify individuals who may be HIV-positive and unaware of their status. There are oral conditions which may indicate the existence of HIV such as thrush (candidiasis), enlarged saliva glands, mouth ulcers and dry mouth. Once identified, the dental practitioner then has the opportunity to discuss, counsel, and offer referral for HIV testing and treatment. Early diagnosis can significantly improve the health & longevity of infected people. Additionally, with early diagnosis the number of people who know their HIV status increases, which can also be helpful to reduce the number of new cases, as once people are aware of their infection, they are significantly less likely to put others at risk of transmission. Currently, some dental offices are conducting rapid HIV testing.  This may be an especially appropriate venue in a public health dental facility or private practice in areas that have high reports of HIV infection. It has been reported that possibly one of every five people living with HIV in the U.S. is unaware of their HIV status. In recent years, with the advances in medicine, people are now living longer and thriving with HIV infection. The earlier they can be diagnosed and begin treatment, the better the outcome.

Stay well and Keep Smiling!