Thursday, August 2, 2018

Can Stress Ruin Your Teeth?

Did you know that when your anxious or stressed out, you're unconsciously ruining your teeth?

You might ask, how does being stressed or anxious really affect my teeth, Right? Well let me explain!

Stress and anxiety have been linked to clenched jaws and bruxism (teeth grinding). Although this is not considered a dangerous disorder, it can put pressure on the jaw muscles and tissues causing facial soreness and can wear down your teeth causing fractured or broken teeth.

 Here are some tips that can help stop teeth grinding while stressed or anxious:
  • Do a few yoga stretches 
  • A couple deep breathes
  • Listen to a relaxing song (nature sounds, jazz music, Hawaiian music)
  • Apply warm washcloth against check to help sooth the jaw muscles
  • Drink water
  • Place your tongue between the teeth if you notice grinding/clenching
  • Wear a night guard
 If your stressed or your anxiety levels are at an all time high, you should consult with your primary physician to help you identity the underlying problems and prescribe you the proper medication. Hopefully this will help save your teeth in the long run!

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