Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Here's wishing all of you a safe and happy Halloween, children and adults alike! Whether you are an adult going to a party or a teen meeting up with friends or just taking the little tots out walking the neighborhood streets, be vigilant, wear a glow stick and above all, have fun!

Above all, Keep Smiling!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last-minute Halloween Costume ideas:

Okay, so Halloween is one day away. You haven't really planned on doing much of anything except maybe sit at home and hand out candy, when all of the sudden your best friend calls inviting you to a KILLER Halloween party you DON'T want to miss. Then you realize you have NOTHING TO WEAR! Here are a few ideas for a last minute costume emergency:

-You can wear anything as long as you look DEAD... Go to the nearest convenience store to the Halloween section and buy some fake blood and some white face makeup.. Then dress up in your most favorite outfit, but paint your face, a little blood around the nose, ears, and mouth will be a HIT!!!

-Have an old prom dress (that still fits??), or an old bridesmaid dress? You can be a dead prom date! Same with guys if you happen to have a suit lying around...

-Take an old shirt and an old pair of jeans that you don't care about and either cut holes or tear holes in them, paint your face up and go as a zombie... You can even dip in to your mom's, sisters, or girlfriends makeup (or your own) and use eyeshadow to create bruises that look REAL!

-Go as a hippy! It's the easiest costume in the world! Jeans, a shirt or a tank, and flip flops... Then part your hair down the middle and put a headband around your forehead! Decorate a plain white t-shirt with your favorite hippy design.

-Go 80's style! All you need is hairspray, spandex, and a fanny pack! Any hairstyle will work as long as it is on ONE SIDE of your head! This is for guys AND girls!

-Go Goth! Wear anything black, and wear lots and lots of black eyeliner! Simple and cheap!

If all else fails, wrap yourself up in tin foil and go as a leftover!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Happy Halloween!

original post by Moobiedoo 10/30/2008

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Avoid Tooth Decay This Halloween

Happy Halloween!! Thursday is the night all the kids get dressed up in there favorite costumes and go trick or treating around the neighborhood to collect all that delicious candy! Be careful of all the ghosts and goblins out there and watch out for the yummy sugary treats that your child may consume as this could lead to tooth decay.

If you follow these simple steps it will help ease your mind, instead of worrying about your child's teeth.
  • Do moderate portions, don't let them have free access to the candy bucket.
  • Make sure your child brushes their teeth properly 2-3 times a day.
  • Have your child use a fluoride mouth wash.
  • Help your child floss their teeth.
  • Try to avoid sticky candy (caramel, taffy)
  • Give you kids sugar free gum to chew

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Halloween Safety Tips

It's about that time for our little princesses, pirates, goblins and gremlins to strut their stuff for treats this week! Here are a few safety tips for our trick-or-treaters to help make the best of their night out!

  • Make sure your child is wearing a glow stick, reflective tape or has a flashlight when headed out to make them easily visible to other people and drivers!
  • Instruct children to only visit houses in familiar neighborhoods that are decorated for Halloween. These houses are usually kid friendly and prepared for the trick-or-treaters.
  • Make sure your children know to never enter someone's home or vehicle unless accompanied by a familiar adult.
  • If you have an older child going out alone, make sure they are going out in a group and have a planned route so you know where they are at all times.
  • Instruct your child to not eat any treats until they are examined by an adult.

And most importantly...Have Fun!!

You can find more helpful tips for Halloween at

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Top 15 Halloween Candies Your Dentist Wishes You Won't Eat!

With Halloween just around the corner, every year dentist offices across the country encounter a rush of patients experiencing Halloween candy related dental emergencies!! No joke!! It's very common for patients to present themselves to the dental staff with crowns or bridges that have been pulled off, fillings that have been pulled out, teeth that have been chipped or cracked all by these innocent sweeties we consume every year!! I've compiled a list of the most common offenders that can be found in your candy bowl!

Top 5 Worst Culprits
(these are known to extricate crowns, bridges and fillings with ease)
  1. Sugar Daddy
  2. Milk Duds
  3. Dots
  4. Bit-O-Honey
  5. Good n' Plenty

Top 10 Accomplices
  1. Jolly Rancher
  2. Laffy Taffy
  3. Caramel
  4. Gummy Bears
  5. Toffee
  6. Tootsie Rolls
  7. Sugar Babies
  8. Now & Laters
  9. Super Bubble Gum/ Dubble Bubble Gum
  10. Slowpokes

There ya have it! For those of you who have any type of dental work done, watch out for these sneaky little candies...or you may find yourself in the dental chair bashfully blaming your missing filling on one of these sweet little criminals!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

original post by Dawn_DA  October 2009

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shortfalls of the Dental Industry, Et Al

Shortages of professionals, loss of interest in the practice of dentistry or government (state and federal) inadequacy....any way you look at it, the system is failing our most vulnerable citizens; the elderly, children and the poor. 42% (21 states) offer no assistance for dental at all or only emergency coverage. 31 states have shortages of dental professionals, and that lack seems to point to another underlying problem...a loss of interest in the profession, maybe? It seems that new dentists are gravitating toward large cities and places where there is a larger population. Lets face it, it is harder and harder nowadays to start and build a new practice, and rural areas are not always conducive building a new practice. But similarly, because there has been a 26% rise in the cost of dentistry overall since 1997, affordability has become an issue for those same groups of people, the elderly, children and the poor. It seems to be a vicious cycle. The Affordable Care Act is also seriously lacking in that it does not offer dental benefits, except in an emergency and only for children if deemed medically necessary. So what is to be done? It seems there is no magic solution. After all, how can you begin to make something affordable that has grown so out of proportion? Wouldn't regulating the cost of dental care make the shortage of professionals worse? In the meantime our vulnerable citizens are caught in the middle. Here's an interesting fact....did you know that babyboomers are entering the senior citizen catagory at 10,000 per day? Staggering if you consider that a very large percent of them have no insurance at all. What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Surprising Health Benefits of Veneers

Many people are opting for porcelain veneers to cover imperfections in their teeth because they are less expensive than dental implants, and require a much shorter treatment time than orthodontics, but did you know that aside from the obvious smile enhancing benefits there are some other good reasons to opt for veneers? They can be used to close gaps and adjust malformations in the teeth and improve the bite, therefore aiding in digestion. They can actually strengthen the teeth against chipping and abrasion. And, because of the high-gloss/glazed finish on the veneers, they are resistant to plaque, cutting down on gum disease and gingivitis! And we all know that healthy teeth and gums contribute to the overall health of our bodies!

Just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone who might be considering extensive cosmetic dental work. Explore the possibilities!
Original post by walnutflwr on February 2011