Thursday, August 9, 2018

Lip Cancer

We all have heard about breast, colon, lung, skin and many other horrible cancer types but have you heard about lip cancer?

Lip cancer is a type of oral cancer that develops from abnormal cells that grow out of control and is commonly mistaken as cold sores and many times goes undiagnosed.

Just like any cancer, if it's left untreated it can spread to the lymph nodes and to the lungs. Fortunately, lip cancer is very treatable if it's caught early one.

Dentist are usually the ones to discover  lip cancer, which usually appears on the bottom lip and most commonly found on people over the age of 45.

Certain life styles can increase your risk of developing lip cancer:
  • Smoking
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Sun exposure
  • Tanning beds
If you're going to be in the sun or use a tanning bed make sure you use a lip balm with at least a SPF 30!!

Remember to protect your pucker!

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