Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last-minute Halloween Costume ideas:

Okay, so Halloween is one day away. You haven't really planned on doing much of anything except maybe sit at home and hand out candy, when all of the sudden your best friend calls inviting you to a KILLER Halloween party you DON'T want to miss. Then you realize you have NOTHING TO WEAR! Here are a few ideas for a last minute costume emergency:

-You can wear anything as long as you look DEAD... Go to the nearest convenience store to the Halloween section and buy some fake blood and some white face makeup.. Then dress up in your most favorite outfit, but paint your face, a little blood around the nose, ears, and mouth will be a HIT!!!

-Have an old prom dress (that still fits??), or an old bridesmaid dress? You can be a dead prom date! Same with guys if you happen to have a suit lying around...

-Take an old shirt and an old pair of jeans that you don't care about and either cut holes or tear holes in them, paint your face up and go as a zombie... You can even dip in to your mom's, sisters, or girlfriends makeup (or your own) and use eyeshadow to create bruises that look REAL!

-Go as a hippy! It's the easiest costume in the world! Jeans, a shirt or a tank, and flip flops... Then part your hair down the middle and put a headband around your forehead! Decorate a plain white t-shirt with your favorite hippy design.

-Go 80's style! All you need is hairspray, spandex, and a fanny pack! Any hairstyle will work as long as it is on ONE SIDE of your head! This is for guys AND girls!

-Go Goth! Wear anything black, and wear lots and lots of black eyeliner! Simple and cheap!

If all else fails, wrap yourself up in tin foil and go as a leftover!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Like to read??

I was at my son's orthodontics appointment on Monday and they are giving away movie tickets for the new movie Twilight which comes out Nov. 21st (I believe). The movie is based on the book by Stephenie Meyer. I told my son we are going to try and read it before we see the movie. I started to the book last night and WOW! I am not really a reader to begin with, but I couldn't put it down. So if you are looking for something new to read and like fantasy type books I would so recommend this one! (:

Friday, October 24, 2008

G.U.M ~ Soft picks

Since I have had my braces on I discovered soft-picks by G.U.M. Let me tell you they are great for after you eat and have stuff stuck in your braces. When you need a quick effect fix (don't have the time to floss) these little guys do the trick!
I find them to be a great product and thought I would pass it along. (:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's your favorite Halloween story?

Halloween is one of the worlds oldest holidays. It is still celebrated to this day, world wide.

There are a lot of stories and myths out there about the history of Halloween. Some are clearly myths, some are actual historical facts, and some are both. Although there are actual, proven historical events that explain the Halloween holiday, I have found so many explanations and stories of how Halloween came to be as it is now, and I guess it's up to you as to which story you want to believe. This is my favorite:

In the 5th century BC, in Celtic Ireland, summer officially ended on October 31. The holiday was called Samhain (sow-en), the Celtic New year. It has been said that on this day, disembodied spirits of all who had passed on throughout the preceding year would come back, searching for bodies to posses for the next year. It was their only hope for the afterlife, and the celts believed that all laws of space and time were suspended during this time so the spirit world could intermingle with the living. Of course the living did not wish to be possesed, so on October 31st, they would extinguish fires in their homes to make it cold and undesirable for the spirits. They would also dress up in ghoulish costumes and parade around the neighborhood to try and scare the spirits away. It's also been said that the Celts would burn people at the stake if they were thought to have already been possessed.

Of course this is just one story out of thousands of myths and tales. Feel free to share your comments, thoughts, or if you'd like, you can contribute your own story of how you believe halloween began. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Already...

Do you dread Mondays?
Here are a few things you can try and do to make Mondays not so blah...
Wear your best clothes
Get an Early start
Eat a good breakfast
Complete as much work possible on Friday
Listen to your favorite music
Plan something special for Monday night
Want a few more ideas? Check out this web-site here on 20 ways to beat the Monday blues.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Put your Halloween candy to good use!

If you are like most of us come Christmas time you are throwing away all the candy left over from Halloween that the kids did not eat. Well this year send it to the troops! I know where I live there are several local dentist offices that are offering money by the pound if you bring them in your Halloween candy and they are sending it to the troops. It is a great way to help out and avoid it all just going to waste. Check with your local dentist and see if they are doing anything like that. Also, you can go here and find out how to send to 'any' soldier.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Candy-Your Child's Teeth (And Yours!)

It's that time of year again.... Halloween is just around the corner and the real horror for parents is the amount of sugar their kids will likely consume. In terms of cavities, believe it or not, it is probably better to let the kids have that "candy eating marathon" before bed. Of course, you will want to make sure that they brush before they go to sleep for the night! The fact is that consuming the candy over a prolonged period (say, over a few weeks) is worse for the teeth! It isn't the amount of sugar that the teeth are exposed to but the length of time they are exposed that makes them susceptible to cavities. Sugar feeds the cavity causing bacteria in the mouth. The more often they eat the sugary type foods, the more susceptible they are.

Here is a tip for a Halloween hand out that is good for kids teeth: Sugar-free gum that contains Xylitol is an excellent choice. Xylitol kills the germs and bacteria that cause cavities. And for parents who want even more protection for their kids there are other Xylitol products available in the form of toothpaste, oral rinses and floss. Adults can benefit from the use of these products as well.

Friday, October 10, 2008


What better way to start the weekend off with a little humor...

~Little Amy confided to her uncle, "When I grow up I’m going to marry the boy next door.""Why is that?""Cause I’m not allowed to cross the road."

~Waiter: And how did you find your steak, sir?

~Customer: Well, I just pushed aside a bean and there it was!

~Bob and Tom both like to golf. One day Bob went to Tom and said, "Hey look at this great ball!" Tom replied, "What’s so great about it?" Bob said, "Well if you lose it, it will beep until you find it, and if it goes into the water it will float. This ball is impossible to lose!" "Wow!", said Tom, "Where did you get that from?" Bob replied, "I found it."

~Tech Support: "I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop."

Customer: "Ok."
Tech Support: "Did you get a pop-up menu?"
Customer: "No."

Tech Support: "Ok. Right click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?"
Customer: "No."
Tech Support: "Ok, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point?"
Customer: "Sure, you told me to write 'click' and I wrote click'."

~Q. How do you make holy water?

A. Boil the hell out of it.

~Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by you again?

~Q: Where do you find a dog with no legs?
A: Right where you left him.

Want to read some more? Just click here and enjoy a few laughs! (:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How much do YOU know about dental?

Test your dental knowledge and take this little quiz I found online. I scored 16 out of 20.

Take the quiz and post your score as a comment. Let's see who can get 20 out of 20! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Be Aware!-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month I thought I'd put out a reminder to all women out there to have a screening done, and men too! This disease does not discriminate between the sexes, age, race or otherwise! The statistics show that approximately 1 in 4 women will develop breast cancer. In 2008, the expected number of new cases of invasive breast cancer in women is 182,480, and about 1,990 men will be diagnosed with the disease. If you'd like to view some staggering statistics, click HERE to visit this webpage.....I found this to be a very sobering article.

There are MANY places to obtain information about how to donate to the cause or to participate in the thousands of events being held in every state. You can find information on the internet, in the newspaper and even your local shopping centers and grocery chains. PLEASE remember to get your screening done and donate when you can!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Beat the heat!

Even though fall is around the corner, some states are still pretty warm. Here are a few things to protect yourself from the heat...

~ Reduce the intensity of your workout, particularly the first few times you are exposed to higher temperatures.
~ Beat the day's heat by working out early in the morning.
~ Wear minimal clothing to provide greater skin surface area for heat dissipation.
~ Wear lightweight, loose fitting, light colored clothing to reflect the sun's rays.
~ Wear clothing made of a material that absorbs water, such as cotton.
~ Drink before, during, and after exercising. (Drink six to eight ounces of fluid every 15 to 20 minutes during exercise).
~ Consume more fluids than you think you need before and after exercise.
~ Know when to say 'no' to exercise. Use common sense to prevent heat stress when it gets hot out.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Baskin Robins of Toothpaste!

Check out this site I found! This company offers a very unique approach to oral health, offering products that are not only fun to use, but are better for you!

Ever heard of holistic toothpaste? Breath Palette offers 18 different flavors of toothpaste that all have:

-No Sugar
-No Alcohol
-Low effervescence
-Less abrasive particles
-No synthetic surface-active agents

They also offer mouthwash in different flavors!

Check out what they have to offer HERE.