Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lumineers VS Veneers: What's the difference?

In a forum I visit frequently, this question was brought up. No one seemed to be able to give a solid answer, so, I decided to research it myself and then thought it would be a good blog for others who may not know...

Veneers/lumineers are a type of cosmetic dentistry. They are both made out of thin porcelain, and both:

-Cover only the visible portions of the teeth
-Repair minor tooth imperfections
-straighten and lengthen teeth
-conceal stained or discolored fillings
-are stain proof

The difference?

Veneers: are thin shells that bond to teeth. They are permanent, custom made, and require removal of a portion of the tooth to fit the veneer. Pro- they feel more natural. Con- they can't be removed.

Lumineers: are thinner than the veneers (about the thickness of a contact lense). Your natural tooth does not need to be altered in any way to fit a lumineer. Pro- they can be removed. Con- may feel bulkier than the regular veneers.

I got my information HERE.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The ADA and their thoughts on "dental tourism"

If you look back to the June 2nd archives you will find a blog pertaining to "Medical Tourism." I found this blog very interesting and decided to research it a little further (if you haven't read it, click HERE).

I found THIS ARTICLE related to dental tourism and decided to elaborate on the subject. Hope you find it as interesting as I did and feel free to comment! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good ol' silver fillings- Are they safe?

The ongoing controversy continues.... Are silver fillings safe? If you're not familiar with the subject, let me fill you in.

Amalgam (silver) fillings contain Mercury, a substance that can be harmful or even fatal to the human body in large quantities. Some say it's safe, some say it isn't. It hasn't been proven, either way.

Take a look at the following articles discussing the pro's and con's of Amalgam fillings, breif description included:

PRO'S- The ADA supports the idea that amalgam fillings are completely safe!

CON'S- Amalgam fillings contain 50% Mercury!

So, what do you think? ARE amalgam fillings safe?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bone spurs after oral surgery: Is this normal?

I was recently in a forum online and someone asked this question. Everyone else who responded said to get another dentist because this isn't normal. However, after I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I had quite a few in all 4 sockets (or my gums where the teeth used to be, not sure what to call that). Some of them were pushed out as my gums healed, some of them I worked out on my own, and some of them I had to have taken out. I've always thought this was normal, but when I googled it, I couldn't really find any information as to whether or not this is common. Anyone have any ideas?