Thursday, March 23, 2017

Is A Second Opinion Worth The Money?

In an era of high and rising dental costs and community desire to save money on that cost, it begs to ask the question if getting a second opinion on a diagnosis is worth the investment. Well, this is one of two answer questions, yes and no. It really comes down to the procedure you are seeking a second opinion about. Let me lay out a couple of examples of when it would be good to obtain one and when it would be good to pass on it.
When a second opinion is worth money: If you are sent to specialist for a procedure that you are unsure if you are comfortable with. Different dentists have different abilities, levels of comfortability and technology in their office. All of these factors play into the way the go about your treatment. For example, some dentists are comfortable doing a root canal on a back molar, other dentists are not comfortable doing it and will refer you to specialist to have it done.

When a second opinion is not worth money: When you over utilize it to try to find they dentist that will tell you what you want to hear and charge you the amount you wish to pay. Another way, is because you don’t believe or trust your dentist. At that point, you should be looking for another dentist that you can trust.

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