Sunday, March 5, 2017

Is Going To Bed Without Brushing Your Teeth Bad?

Brushing our teeth is a natural habit but sometimes we forget to brush before we hit the sack this can be due to laziness, exhaustion, or forgot to pack your toothbrush on vacations.

So, what happens to the mouth if you don't brush at night?

Bacteria live in the mouth and builds up all day causing plaque. Plaque is very acidic and starts breaking down tooth enamel causing cavities and tooth decay.

Obviously this wont happen if you forget to brush one night but this is a warning for those who don't brush at night. Taking the two extra minutes to brush will save your mouth and wallet in the future.

Here are some tips for laziness and exhaustion:

  • Leave a toothbrush in your night-stand - You don't toothpaste just a quick once over is better then nothing.
  • Keep a flossing stick in your night-stand - This will help remove the food particles in between your teeth and gums. 
  • Run your tongue over your teeth -To help reduce the amount of plaque that attaches to teeth.
Tips for forgotten toothbrush:
  • Contact front desk of the hotel (if staying in one) they usually keep some for situations like this.
  • Use a washcloth - Wrap a corner around your index finger and add toothpaste, then brush like normal. 
  • Use your finger - Add toothpaste to your index finger and brush like normal.
  • Rinse with mouthwash - Although this is not a method of brushing, moutheash does kill off bacteria.

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