Friday, March 10, 2017

A Dry Socket is No Fun! Try Aspirin!

If you've ever had a tooth pulled, or multiple teeth including wisdom teeth, you may know how painful a dry socket can be.  There is a home remedy you can try if you can't go directly to the dentist..(i.e. maybe it's a weekend, or during the night.)  As it turns out, this is yet another use for aspirin!

According to instructions I read online, crush an aspirin and mix it with a tablespoon of purified water and a dash of salt.  Soak up the solution with a cotton ball and place it directly on the socket. If you have stitches, this may be difficult but you can use a syringe to drizzle the solution over the area or you can swish the solution (VERY gently!) over the affected socket for a few minutes.  Aspirin works rather quickly, so it won't take long and the pain will be diminished if not completely gone. 

Enjoy, and keep smiling!

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