Monday, March 13, 2017

Is Trench-Mouth a Real Disease?

It's a common term that we don't hear very frequently anymore, but many people do not know that it's a real disease that most commonly affects the younger crowd, ages 25 and under. Less commonly, it has been known to affect people older than that.
It is a bacterial infection of the gums, characterized by painful sores of the mouth and surrounding mucous membranes, bleeding, foul breath, increased salivation and difficulty in swallowing and talking. Some causes are poor oral hygiene, stress, poor nutrition, smoking and immune deficiency. It can be treated effectively by your dentist with antibiotics and oxygenating rinses.
Proper hygiene is one of the best preventive strategies!

Here's an interesting fact:
The term "Trench mouth" actually came from epidemics that began among soldiers in the field during World War II where proper hygiene was not always possible, and conditions were unsanitary.

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