Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Member Question: Why On Earth Would They Let A Dog Run Around An Office?

Questions From Our Members:

E. Harding of Miami, Flordia asks: 

“I went to the dentist today and was shocked to see a small dog running around the office.  Why on earth would they let a dog run around an office?  I can't see how that can be sanitary!”

Savon’s Answer:

What you actually saw was not just ‘dog.’  It's a comfort dog!  Research has shown that these special dogs actually help patients relax.  We know about them and we think they are pretty cool.  The fact of the matter is you can also find them in hospitals.

So next time you go to that dentist, just give the little pup a pet!

(the content of this blog was originally posted in our January 2016 Newsletter in the article "Here's Your Answer")

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