Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bleaching Woes….They do happen.

At some point during your routine dental check-up you have probably been approached about bleaching.  For those of you who have tried the in-office bleaching or at home treatments, below is a few common “woes” bleacher’s encounter and their remedies.

This is very common.  If you already suffer from sensitive teeth, you may wish to talk to your hygienist or dentist about using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth (i.e., Sensodyne ) prior to and after your bleaching treatment.  This cuts down on the cold shock after your treatment.

After I bleach, my teeth take on a “hue”:
This is also a common “woe” for people who are avid coffee, tea, red wine and dark soda drinkers.  It’s usually advised to cut back or not drink these beverages when you’re bleaching.  However, if you’re like me and have to have that coffee daily, I always brush my teeth right after I’m done while bleaching.  And to keep those newly pearl whites bright…rinse with water after drinking these staining offenders.
Not seeing results?
Most dentists take a starting shade of your teeth before you start. If you're using an over the counter treatment, then ask your dentist to take one for you before you start.  (Usually, this takes less than a minute and no appointment is necessary.) Given the fact that your are inspecting your teeth daily to see your bleaching results and whitening results vary from subtle to BAMM, you may not notice the slight changes in the shade of your teeth.  I usually suggest bleaching your lower arch a few days after you bleach your upper arch, the contrast becomes apparent.  If you still aren’t confident in your bleaching results, contact your dentist.  The strength of the bleaching agent may not be working well for you and they may need to adjust your treatment. 

(this article was written by Dawn Lawler, DA, "Chairside Chat" Savon Dental Plan Newsletter September 2010)

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