Monday, January 11, 2016

Don't just go to specialist, wait to get a referral.

While talking to customers on the phone I have noticed an interesting trend. Patients are going to a specialist to get work done without seeking a referral from their general dentist first. There is an assumption our there that if a root canal is needed that you need to go to an endodontist to get it done. Some are going to a periodontist to get routine style cleanings and others are automatically setting appointments with oral surgeons to get an extraction done.

I admire their proactiveness, but if you are doing this than you may be paying more that you may need to. A general dentist is capable of doing a lot more that people think. If you need dental work done, your first stop should be your general dentist. Let them examine you, advise you and plan your treatment with. If they feel that a specialist is necessary or the best course of action for your dental health, then let them tell you that make the referral. Then you can go the specialist to get it done.

Give the general dentist the first look. If they can do the treatment themselves then you will save a lot more money.

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