Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jobs For Smart People!

Smart people come in all shapes and sizes. So do smart career choices. Here is a list of 6 smart careers!
  • Accountant
  • Medical Manager
  • FBI Agent
  • Registered Nurse
  • Computer Systems Administrator
  • Teacher


  1. Accountant- A quick mind isn't enough to become an accountant. Formal training matters too. There are plenty of accounting and finance programs that can prepare you for a career as an accountant. A bachelor's degree is the most common entry-point into the profession. Average Pay... $$67,430
  2. Medical Manager- To qualify for most management roles, you'll need to earn a bachelor's degree in an area like health care administration, followed by an MBA. Average Pay...$$90,970
  3. FBI Agent- A bachelor's degree is required. Common majors include information technology and accounting. Majoring in a foreign language is also a plus. Average Pay...$73,170
  4. Registered Nurse- Most registered nurses have a bachelor's of science in nursing. Additional training options include an associates degree in nursing and a nursing diploma.
    Average Pay...$66,530
  5. Computer Systems Administrator- An associates or bachelor's degree can help you get your computer skills up to speed. Employers look for brainy applicants well-versed in areas like computer science, network administration, and IT & information systems.
    Average Pay... $70,930
  6. Teacher-It's best to begin with a bachelor's degree. From there public school teachers need to get certified. And keep in mind that a master's degree can help increase your pay and employment opportunities.
    Average Pay...$55,150

If you would like to read more here is the Article http://education.yahoo.net/articles/jobs_for_smart_people.htm?kid=1F337

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