Thursday, December 31, 2020

Why Do I Have Two Different Treatment Plans?


Questions From Our Members

E. DeLong of Queens, New York asks: 

“Why would one dentist tell me I need a crown and another dentist tell me I only need a filling?  It seems like someone is trying to sell me something that I don´t really need.”

Savon’s Answer

Dentistry, as is general medicine is called a practice.  The reason it´s called this is because it´s and on-going learning experience, hence… “practice.” The dentist is a person. just like you and me.  The only difference is their training.  The problem with the practice of dentistry is that the doctors practice what they have been taught in dental school.

The difference in the diagnosis from one dentist to another most likely can be attributed to what dental school they studied at.  East coast and west coast dental schools tend to teach a more aggressive style of diagnosing where midwest, southwest and southern dental schools teach a more conservative style.

I have found, for the most part, that the dentist has virtually no knowledge of your finances, insurance or dental plan.  They are simply telling you what they think you need and they leave the finances up to the office manager or treatment manager.

If you feel that you have been over diagnosed don´t hesitate to ask questions.  After all, it´s your mouth and your money.

Original Post is from our January 2021 Newsletter!

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