Monday, December 21, 2020

Myth or Fact: Are Raisins Bad For Your Teeth?

The Short answer:  maybe not!  

A recent study conducted by USA Department of Food and Nutrition revealed that eating raisins might actually protect against cavities. According to researchers, raisins contain phytochemicals; plant antioxidants including oleanolic acids which help to stop the growth of bacteria that causes dental caries.  

It has long been thought that because raisins are sticky and sweet that they would cause cavities.  This is not the case!  Phytochemicals can prevent the bacteria that causes cavities as well as the bacteria that causes gingivitis, helping to prevent gum disease. 

So, go ahead and snack on a box of raisins now and then!  Just be sure to brush and floss afterward.  

Keep Smiling! 

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