Thursday, December 3, 2020

Is My Dentist Supposed To Charge According To The Fee Schedule?

 Questions From Our Members

E. Hearing of Dallas, Texas asks: 

“Why does the fee schedule say the price of my crown is one thing, but the doctor charged me more?  Aren´t the doctors supposed to charge according to the schedule?”

Savon’s Answer

Yes, all Savon Preferred Providers are contracted to the Savon Fee Schedule.  Sometimes, especially with crown and bridge work, dental offices bundle the crown and the lab fees into one price, which would make your crown appear higher than what the fee schedule allows.

All of our fee schedules have sub codes (which appear as a letter a,b,c, or d) next to any procedure where the crown, bridge, denture, or partial have allowable lab fees that can be charged by the dentist.

These fees vary depending on what type of restoration you are having done.  We recommend that you verify with the dental office what type of crown, bridge, denture, partial, etc.  you are having done and what is the lab charges on top of that.

If for any reason the math still doesn´t add up, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team for assistance.

Original Post from our December 2020 Newsletter!

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