Thursday, September 20, 2018

Is Oral Cancer Common?

Oral Cancer strikes nearly 35,000 Americans each year. The good news is that early detection gives you a 90% chance of surviving oral cancer. This is part of why regular dental exams are crucial part of your preventive health care. Our team screens for oral cancer at each dental exam to ensure we catch any suspicious lesions early and to give you peace of mind. You can also look for abnormalities between visits. Lear to recognize the signs and symptoms here.

You can help lower your risk of developing oral cancer, improve treatment success rates and keep your mouth healthy by doing the following:
  • Avoid using tobacco products and limit alcohol consumption.
  • Always protect your lips with sun block (oral cancer can be outside the mouth too).
  • Make a dental appointment if a sore in your mouth lasts longer than two weeks.

 Information is from a flyer I received from my dental office: Dr. Ghasem Darian, Winning Smiles Dentistry.

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