Sunday, September 30, 2018

In House Dental Plans... Not As Good As They Sound.

There are a lot of dental centers that now offer their own dental plan. This is a good concept for the dental office, but what is the benefit for the patient?

By providing a plan for their patients, the dental office can help the patient save money on their treatment plan that is set by the dentist. The office will then discount based in their usual and customary rates (UCR). This may sound good for the patient, but when compared to Savon Dental Plan, the savings that patient receive are not always that good. Also, the coverage offered by that center in most cases does not extend past that office or corporation. If a patient is unhappy with the dentist or the center, then they will have to seek alternative coverage to go somewhere else.

Savon Dental Plan overcomes that to give an great advantage to the members. First, Savon bases it's fee schedule on the average usual and customary rates of dentists per area. Then reduces that fee to 50% off to come up with the Savon price. Savon Dental Plan providers are contracted to abide by the fee schedule for Savon members. (the fee schedule for your area is posted on their website) Second, Savon has multiple providers nationwide that are available to it's members. (which is also available on their website) This allows the customer to choose a dentist that they are happy with, and the freedom to change dentist if they desire without having to seek out alternative plans.

There is so much more that Savon Dental Plan offers. To see that and how Savon compares to other dental plans, click on "the comparison zone" page of their website at

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