Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dentistry in Mexico-It's Your Decision

Given the current scenario regarding the safety of travel from the U.S. to Mexico, I thought I'd repost this blog from 2015.  I think it bears repeating.

"A recent article I read online started me thinking about this topic. Why would anyone want to risk their health and safety by visiting a doctor or dentist in a country where sanitation standards are questionable and there is no way to determine whether a doctor is reputable; or even competent? There would be no legal recourse for a mistake, no refund, no malpractice insurance."
The above excerpt was taken from a blog I published in February of 2008. With time, the economy over the last 10 years and many testimonials from people I've talked to while working in this industry, I must say that I have come to an understanding on this subject at least, if only marginally  I still stand firm on the safety issues of traveling to Mexico for either  medical or dental treatment....sanitation remains a concern except that I now know many of the dental offices there are actually staffed with American Dentists, and in fairness, their american training and work ethic are at or above the standard.  Some of these dentists live there and work, some commute and the overall benefit to the traveling patient is that they can get the treatment they need from a qualified professional at a cost that is way below the standard fees charged in the US. the doctors are not bound to the (sometimes ridiculous) regulations, exorbitant insurance rates and high operating costs that are the norm in the US, thus allowing them to perform dentistry and pass the savings along to the patient.

Now, that said, there are still risks involved, which poses the question,  "does the money saved really outweigh the risk?"  Many think that it does.  I for one, always the skeptic, will no longer slam the door on the possibility, but would need to think VERY hard about it if I were ever faced with that dilemma.
In my humble opinion a good dental plan can be far more effective in helping to stabilize the rising costs of dentistry and it's safer.  It just is.

Keep smiling!


phx_chick said...

Even though it may be cheaper I don't think it is worth the risk to go to Mexico for work.

Dr. C said...

I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of dentistry done in Mexico. Please, if you elect to go to Mexico to have your dentistry done; be careful. I don't know how you can find a 'good' dentist in Mexico, so again, please be careful if you elect to have your dentistry done in Mexico.