Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dental Floss Sewing Kit Hack

I was scrolling through Pinterest last night and I came across this neat dental floss sewing kit hack. Nothing is worse then having your clothes rip or losing a button in the middle of the day and not having anything to fix it with.

Here is how to make a portable sewing kit!

  1. Peel off the label from the container.
  2. Open the container and reuse the spindle the floss was originally on. *Glue a grommet to each end, this will help you wind the thread on to the spindle without the thread falling off, after the thread is wound on remove the grommet (will not close correctly if left on)
    1. dental floss sewing kit hack
  3. Cut a small piece of elastic or ribbon and hot-glue it to one side of the container. This is the needle holder.
    1. dental floss sewing kit hack
    2. dental floss sewing kit hack
  4. Place the spindle back into the container with the thread running counter clock-wise.
    1. dental floss sewing kit hack
  5. When you need to sew, open the container grab your needle and cut the the thread the same way you would the floss!
    1. dental floss sewing kit hack
Click here for full directions and pictures!

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