Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is Your Toothache Killing You? It Could Literally!

It's hard to imagine how a toothache can turn deadly, but even the slightest pain can quickly turn serious if not taken care of.

Studies have shown that hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized each year for infections of the tooth's root which is known as a periapical abscess. This abscess is commonly found around untreated tooth decay and can be deadly in the infection spreads. Infections can spread to your jaw, neck, lungs and brain.

Monday a California man passed away from a tooth infection that spread to his lungs.  The article states that he was experiencing a toothache after he left his home in California for a work trip to New York. The pain became so bad that he stopped  at a dental office in Oklahoma where they prescribed him with antibiotics.  Days later the pain was so bad he asked his brother to make the trip back to California with him but they ended up at a hospital in Utah where he eventually passed earlier this week.

Remember it's better to have a toothache treated when it's treatable rather then waiting until it's life-threatening.

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