Monday, January 9, 2017

What Will A Repeal Of ObamaCare Mean For Dental Coverage?

As we go through a leadership transition here in the United States there is some unknowns that we are facing as citizens. This is not a politcal blog, so where I stand on the election or where you stand is not at all relevant at this point. Just wanted to throw that out there to avoid any political based comments etc. One of the things that are unknown is the status of Obamacare. At this point there is already steps being taken to repeal the law. Which leads me to question of what will happen to dental coverage.

If you have dental insurance some big changes may coming your way. Dental coverage for your children will no longer be required to be covered by insurance companies which in return gives them the power to reduce coverage benefits or increase your premium. Similar to what they do adults even now and like they have done long before Obamacare was even a thought. Even under the Obamacare plan dental insurance has been sub-par. In reality, you have been paying more out in premiums that they will every pay out in claims. That won't change one bit and may even get worse.

If you have a dental plan, you will have no changes what so ever. The same low annual premiums and coverage that you are receiving now will not change at all. 

All more the reason to ditch you current dental insurance and join a dental plan!

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