Friday, January 6, 2017

Question From A Savon Member: Mini Dental Implants

Every month in our newsletter we feature a question asked from one our members, and give the answer. Here is the one for January. You can read our entire January Newsletter by clicking here.

A. Porter of San Diego, California asks: 

“What's the difference between dental implants and mini dental implants?  Explain it in layman's terms please.

Savon’s Answer:
The major difference between traditional dental implants and mini implants is the fact that mini implants are about half the diameter of traditional ones.

The traditional dental implant represents the standard for dental implants.  The purpose of the traditional dental implant is to restore both the function and form of a missing tooth within the mouth.  The drawback with traditional implants is that they require a decent amount of bone structure.  Some people have too much bone loss to make implants viable unless they undergo planning or bone grafting to support the anchor.

Mini implants are smaller than the traditional implant.  They are typically designed to be used as two pieces, as the anchor is combined with the abutment, and the crown is placed on the abutment post.  The main advantage of mini implants is that they can be used in individuals with a large amount of bone loss.

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