Monday, January 16, 2017

Things That Drive Your Dentist Nuts

I am going to turn the table on everyone for a few. Time after time we hear about things that patients hate about their dentist or things that the dentist does that drives them crazy. Well, turnabout is fair play. Here are a few things that about patients that drive your dentist crazy.

1. Self-Diagnosing - This also plays true all around the medical field. Newsflash.. WebMD is not always accurate. There are many other factors that are not taken into consideration. That is the reason why they paid thousands of dollars to go to dental school and learn dentistry. If you think you know more than them, then why are you going to their office? So unless you have a DDS or DMD behind your name, then let's try to let the trained professionals make the diagnosis.

2. Procrastinating Then Blaming Them Because It Got Worse - Last year when the dentist told you that have a cavity and need to get it fixed, it wasn't a mere suggestion. It was a warning that if you don't get it fixed it will get worse. So, now a year later when your dentist is telling you that you need a root canal and a crown, blaming them and accusing them of trying to rip you off is not the right approach. "Last time you told me it was a cavity"... Yes, that was last year, 12 months ago, 365 days ago.. now that cavity has gotten worse and cannot be filled. Why? Because YOU procrastinated on getting the filling a year ago. It is not the dentist fault that you discarded the treatment plan and your tooth got worse. It is your fault. Blame yourself, not your dentist.

3. Complaining About The Bill After The Work Is Complete - Before the dentist even started work on your mouth, you were issued a treatment plan with an estimate of how much the work cost. THAT is the time to ask questions or inquire about the charges. Not after you accept the treatment plan and the estimate and get all of the work done. If you agree to the price and agree to have the work done, then you agreed it and that's that. Now, if the bill does not match your estimate, you have a legitimate complaint, but whining about cracking open your checkbook after the dentist just spent 2 hours fixing your teeth that you agreed to have fixed at the price, is not legitimate. It works the same as in any business. You are given a quote for the work, you accept the quote, get the work done and pay what was agreed on. A dentist is no different.

Dentist - Patient relationship is a 2 way street. Chances are good if your dentist is annoying you than you are annoying them as well. I am sure that I can list a lot more of these, but these are the ones that just came to mind. I may have to blog some more in the near future!

So... are you guilty of any of these?? Hmmm...

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