Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chewing Ice-Things You Should Know!

Who knew that a habit shared by so many Americans could have such a damaging effect? Not only can chewing ice cause a variety of problems for people with either healthy or unhealthy teeth, but if you crave it, or do it often it could be a sign of something more serious... Iron Deficiency Anemia. It is not known why this craving happens. Studies are being done to try to determine the correlation. Talk to your physician if you constantly have the craving to chew ice!

Additionally, ice is a very hard substance; after all, history teaches us that glaciers and icebergs carved out the Great Lakes! Chewing ice can break, fracture, chip and crack your teeth, as well as irritate your gums and your tongue, causing pain and discomfort. If you absolutely need to chew something crunchy, try nuts, apples, carrots or celery. Your teeth will be much healthier for it!

Keep Healthy, and Keep Smiling!