Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Eating With New Dentures

Did you recently get dentures? You probably have noticed that they feel awkward and uncomfortable, don't worry, this is the same feeling for anyone that gets new dental appliances,whether its braces, expanders, dentures and even night guards. Eventually you will get used to them.

Adjusting to eating with dentures will take sometime, since you will have to change on how you eat your food.

Here are a few tips on eating with new dentures:

  • Be careful with hot liquids and foods, you will not be able to judge temperatures.
  • Your foods might taste differently at first and will improve over time.
  • Work your way up to solid foods. Start with a liquid diet, move to soft foods then to solids.
  • Replace tough meats like steak with poultry and fish.
  • Cut foods into tiny pieces including fruits.
  • Avoid very hard and sticky foods at all costs.
You can still enjoy your favorite foods, just remember to make sure they are denture friendly!

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