Thursday, August 4, 2016

Flossing Benefits Unproven

We all know flossing is a very important step in taking care of our oral health but in recent studies there is little proof that flossing actually works.

The study was conducted over the past decade and compares the combination of brushing and floss along with just the use of a toothbrush. The findings of flossing were "weak, very unreliable," of  "very low" quality, and carries "a moderate to large potential for bias."

The American Academy of Periodontology and the American Dental Association say that they have proof that flossing prevents many things such as plaque, gum disease and decay. However their studies were outdated, used old methods and only studied a handful of people for a short amount of time, where this new study like I mentioned above has taken a decade.

Researchers say that you should still floss but you don't  have to crazy if you forget to!

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*Fun Fact: Did you know in 2015 Americans spent about $448 Million on dental floss?

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