Sunday, July 10, 2016

Why Dental Plans Are Underrated Yet Over Deliver!

I am sure everyone has been in the situation where they are telling their friend about a new food that they tried and had their friend turn their nose up at it and say gross. If so, then you most likely responded with "Don't knock it until you tried it". The funny thing is, I have used that statement many time about dental plans. I have posted multiple blogs about dental plans versus insurance and proved many times how much a dental plan will save you, the patient, a lot of money all around. Yet, I still find that dental plans in general are underrated and in some cases deemed "sub par".

To that I say "Don't knock it until you have tried it". I am not really sure what is so special about the word insurance and why it is put on such a high pedestal over the word plan. Can anyone explain that to me? Why does "dental insurance" appeal more to people so much? Dental Insurance is an industry designed to rip you off. It is in the business of doing just that. What is so special about paying a lot of money for their conditional subpar coverage? What is so special about paying for something that you can't fully use from the get go?

Imagine for a moment that you bought a car. You pay this huge down payment, you are making monthly payments and are told that you can't pick it up for a month, then you can only drive it 100 miles per month for the first 3 months, then 500 for the next 3 months, then 750 for the next 3 months and so on. Once you have the car for 2 years, you can drive unlimited miles. Sound nuts right? You would look at the dealership and tell them that they are crazy and that there is no way that you are going to buy that car. I am sure of it.

Well, it is the same concept with dental insurance. You make a hefty down payment to start the coverage, pay an unreasonable monthly payment for something you are limited to use for while. In general, you may have to wait 1-3 months for it to even go "in effect ". Once it goes into effect, you are only going to get limited coverage for the first 6 months. After that, they will let you have a little more coverage. About 6 months later, they will cover some more things. By then, your coverage is may be up for renewal and they will most likely increase your rates before covering even more. On top of that, they get to choose what they will cover and what they don't. How does this not sound as crazy as the crazy car dealer? It does to me, yet people are flocking to it like new food was just put in the bird feader.

I have said it many times before and will say it again. Dental Insurance Companies are in the business of COLLECTING PREMIUMS not paying claims. Thus.. they are in the business of taking as much of your money as they can incase you do use the insurance and sit back and hope you don't use it. If you do use it, they limit you on how much you can use it, and increase your rates the next year. Bottom line: THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF RIPPING YOU OFF! They don't care about your teeth, they care about your money!

That's why Dental Plans exist. That's how they over deliver. You pay a low yearly membership rate and you get to use it in full right away. You can go to the dentist anytime you want. You don't have to worry if something is covered or not because you have the peace of mind that it is covered. Dental Plans are in the business of SAVING YOU MONEY not taking your money. You get to buy the car in full and drive it all you want, plain and simple.

The biggest reason why Dental Plans Are underrated is that insurance companies have enough of your money to spend millions in advertising. Most dental plans don't because they are not collecting thousands of dollars a year from each person in premiums. Insurance companies come at the consumer with inticing offers that make them line up to get ripped off. $20 per month for up to 80% dental coverage sounds much better than $99 per year for 50% coverage, but in reality it isn't better. Furthermore, they claim that they have the best dentists around and that dental plans have subpar dentists. Well, I can assure that the dentist that take Savon are the same dentists that take all of the major insurance companies. So they are lying to you and ripping you off. I can also guarantee you that we spend more time and work harder to vette our dentist to make sure that they meet high standards required to see our members. Lastly, we visit them constantly to make sure that those standards are being met. Show me a insurance company that cares enough to do that.

So when it comes to your dental coverage and dental health you have 3 choices, 1. Pay for it our of own pocket, (which is really expensive. 2. Get ripped off by the dental insurance company 3. Make the smart decision of joining a dental plan and take the money you save to buy that new car.

In closing, I say this... when it comes to a dental plan.. "Don't knock it until you have tried it"

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