Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Survival Uses For Dental Floss

I'm sure you have heard of all the different ways that you can use dental floss such as; cutting foods, using it as fishing line, sewing and etc.

Did you know that dental floss can become very handy in a survival situation?

Here are just a few different ways you can use it for survival:

  •  Stitches - If you or someone gets a cut and it needs stitches, use dental floss to sew your skin back together.
  • Building a fire - Waxed dental floss burns easily, but the best way to get a fire started is by tying bundles of dental floss together.
  • Straps for trash bags - If you have to travel through muck or snow, wrap a garbage bag around your legs and secure them with the dental floss.
  • A Dummy Cord - Don't want to lose things such as your knife, tools or compass? Tie them together and attach them to your clothes or backpack. 
  • Tripwire - Tie dental floss tightly around trees, anything that comes through will not see the floss and fall before they can get to you. You can also add some cans to make an alarm for extra protection.
  • As Lashing - In need of a larger shelter? Use dental floss to lash branches together so you can build one.  If you already have a shelter use dental floss to make it stronger.
I found these tips to be very interesting. Hopefully you never have to experience a survival situation and if you are into doing survival challenges make sure you pack a bunch of dental floss!

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