Monday, July 6, 2015

The Negativity Surrounding Dental Plans Is Unjustified!

I was reading an article on titled "How to Save on Dental Insurance" that was written by the Savings Experiment Staff. The article itself was fantastic. As I was reading it I was very pleased with their evaluation of dental plans or "Dental Price Clubs" as they called them. The information that they gave about dental plan was on point. They touched on things like no deductibles, no waiting periods and larger discount on major procedures than insurance offers.

The article alone did not inspire me to write this blog. The inspiration comes from comments that readers left on the article. These were some of the most disturbing comments from people that I have read in regards to an industry that I am personally so passionate about. I could not believe the mis-conceptions that are out there about dental plans and the negativity that some people have about them. Some of the people, who mind you, have probably never joined one or accurately researched them. They just hear the word "plan" or "club" and automatically put us in a lower class of businesses.

So I have decided that instead of commenting back to defend our industry and causing the hatred to be cast upon me while spending the next month going back and forth with them; I would just write a blog to address the "concerns" that they so graciously and delicately voiced.

One commenter stated "...These plans offer the worst of the worst dentist in the area"
Another one said "Caution before you sign will have drive 50 miles to find a dentist"
Another one said "You get what you pay for, if you go cheap are you asking for trouble"

These comments are very far from the truth, especially when it comes to our plan, Savon. In fact, the dentist that accept our plan are the same dentists that accept the insurance that people pay almost triple for and that doesn't cover even close to what we do. At Savon, if we do not have dentist in your area, we will let you know up upfront. Transparency is really important to us. We go the extra mile to make sure that everyone that signs up has full knowledge of us and how our plan works.

Here is are some facts about the dentists that accept Savon Dental Plan.

  1. Each Dental Center and Dentist goes through an extensive credentialing process before they are authorized to see a Savon Dental Plan member. This process can be be seen on our website by clicking here.

  2. We have a ranking on all of our dentists. This ranking is from the dentist and it classifies their level of comfortability on different categories of dental work. This allows us to be able to match the member with a dentist that can handle their needs.

  3. We constantly solicit feedback from our members on their dentist. Whether it is on the phone when they call in, or through our "Nominate Your Dentist" program, we are always seeking feedback on the dentist that our members go to. This allows us to be proactive in addressing any concerns or praising a center for extraordinary work!

  4. Any Dental Center that is found to be giving our members "sub-par" dental work is removed from our plan.

  5. A "spot check" is done on our dental centers by Savon Dental Plan Team Members. We get our dental work done at these dental offices too, as Savon members. When we go in, the dental center does not know that we are Savon employees, they just think we are another member. This gives us a first hand experience on how our members are treated.

  6. A Savon Representative visits our dental centers personally every 4-6 weeks. This is different then the "spot check". This allows us to keep a great business relationship with each one of our providers. It also allows us to communicate with our providers about any changes to our plan as well as handle any problems that may arise.
These are just a few of the ways that we at Savon Dental Plan go above and beyond to make sure that you as a member are getting the best quality dental care possible. We strive everyday to make sure that they only thing discounted at dental office is the price. We take this issue very seriously.

To everyone out there that has the misconception that dental plans are sub-par, have the bottom of the barrell dentists, and is not worth it, I say this! Research it, try it! Research Us, Try Us! Call any dentist that accepts are plan and ASK them about us! I am willing to bet that your opinion will change when you realize how much you will actually save at the dental office and how great the care is that you will receive.

Oh last thing,.. to the "dentist" that commented on the article and said that "every dentist hates these plans and only joins to get the patients". If what you are saying is true, then why is it that dentist referring their current patients to us is one of the biggest sources of new members that our plan has? Hmmm.. something to think about there!

Again... all I ask that you research it or try it before you knock it!

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