Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dental Insurance And Seniors

Retiring? You might want to visit the dentist before your dental insurance disappears, that's right... medicare does not offer routine dental care or complex procedures unless its required to protect your general health.

Most of the 65 plus population is paying for their own dental work out of pocket, which means many have only seen the dentist once in two - five years.

So why don't seniors get dental insurance rather than paying out of pocket? This is because dental care is conspicuously absent from health care coverage for older adults.

Seniors need to look into stand alone dental plans, these plans can offer:
  • Low membership rates - Annually or monthly.
  • Better Benefits with no yearly maximum.
  • Better Savings - Set Fee Schedule makes budgeting easy!
  • No Exclusions- Ever.
  • Immediate coverage- No waiting periods on ANY procedures.
  • Includes coverage for cosmetic dentistry.

What are you waiting for? Don't even bother wasting your money with dental insurance or paying out of pocket.

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