Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Is Painless Dentistry a Possibility?

With laser dentistry, it is.  Imagine showing up for your dental visit and having NO fear of what is sure to come, no needles, no numbness when you leave that prevents you from having that fantastic lunch you were planning...good dream, huh? Nope friends, this one is a reality and it is already in use and available. Technologically, the field of dentistry has made unbelievable advances in the way of patient comfort and now, in the form of treatment without anesthetic.
I read today about a system available called Waterlase that combines a mixture of water and laser and can virtually eliminate the need for anesthetic for a number of dental procedures including cavities, root canals, repairs to the gums and jawbone and more!  The benefits to this promising system are limitless. Why haven't I heard of this before?! Honestly,  I have no doubt that in a short period of time we will be seeing laser dental therapy become the norm at the dentist's office around every corner.

I read about this fascinating advancement HERE. I will note that the one thing that is not really mentioned on the site is the cost, and of course, as with anything new, you will likely pay a little more in the short run but it's a sure bet the benefits of painless dentistry will  far outweigh the cost.  Just my opinion, of course.

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John Smith said...

Yes laser dentistry provides painless dental treatment.