Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Your Dentist's Office Should Be Spotless

Want to know how to evaluate a new dentist?

Above all else, the office needs to be CLEAN. Dentist can pass serious infections along to their patients. Unfortunately, some practices aren't as hygienic as they should be, so you need to be on the look out on your first appointment.

Check out the waiting room. Are the magazines out of date? Are the flowers wilted in the vase and filled with dirty water? These small details can speak volumes about overall cleanliness of the practice.

Once in the operatory room make sure the dentist's instruments are either disposable or sterilized, and that the napkin (that fastens around your neck) is disposable too.

Finally your dentist should wash his/her hands and put on a new set of gloves, a mask and eye protection before treating you.

Speak up if you have concern, and if you don't like the answer you get, pick another dentist!

Sheri B. Doniger,DDS,President of the American Association of Women Dentists and a practicing dentist in Linclonwood, IL (Redbook Magazine - February 2015 Copy - What dentist tell their friends)

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