Friday, February 27, 2015

DIY Braces?

Yesterday while browsing the web I came across a article on do it yourself ( DIY) braces, of course I had to see what it was all about because I have worn braces in the past.

This article was about a woman who closed her front gap in 44 days using those small clear elastic  rubber hair ties, costing her just $5.00

My first reaction was that cannot be good for your teeth. Reading further into the article I came across what dentist had to say.

Dentist are saying that DYI braces is a bad idea because:

  • If your teeth move to quickly, the roots can start to dissolve. Orthodonture is just more than straight teeth.
  • People making their own braces don't know enough about how the mouth functions, which can lead to problems with jaw joints, muscle spasms, clenching problems and shooting pain.
  • If the rubber bands slides into the soft tissues, it is difficult if not impossible to retrieve it, which can destroy the periodontal attachment and produce inflammation.

If you are unhappy with your smile please do not try and fix it yourself, leave it to the dentistry experts!

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