Friday, February 13, 2015

Let Your Kids Wiggle Their Baby Teeth

Many kids today don't lose their teeth until the age of ten. They're being taught in school not to fiddle with their mouths, so they wont spread germs.

But if a baby tooth doesn't come out, the permanent tooth underneath will still try to push through. It might come in partially, making it difficult to brush either tooth's whole surface and leading to cavities and infection.

So teach your kids to do the 'wiggle-wiggle-twist-twist' (wiggle twice then twist twice) over and over and over again.

Remember to have them wash their hands before and after!

If you are ever concerned that your kiddo's baby teeth are taking too long to fall out, make an appointment with your dentist.

Katherine Graber,DDS,MS,Spokesperson for the American Association of Orthodontics. (Redbook Magazine - February 2015 Copy- What dentist tell their friends)

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