Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bad Breath Busters For Pets

Four tips for fresher pet kisses!

  1. Assess The Stench: Slight smelly breath is a given for most pets (due to the food they eat) But if your animal's breath is noticeably worse than usual, you should schedule an oral exam at the vet right away. Halitosis often indicates periodontal disease, which can cause infection of the heart valves, liver problems and other organ issues.
  2. Find The Right Flavor: Brushing is the best way to freshen breath, but the trick is to use a brush and paste your pet will tolerate. If they love chicken flavored treats, try chicken flavored toothpaste.
  3. Give Them A Squirt A Day: Brushing can sometimes be impossible, so use a water additive or spray that contains chlorhexidine. The compound softens tartar and plaque, making it easier to remove with a brush later.
  4. Let Them Chew: Certain toys and edible products can help scrape off tartar and plaque while stimulating your pets gums.

*Woman's Day Magazine March 2015 Copy by Gillian Aldrich*

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