Friday, August 19, 2011

Waxed Vs. Unwaxed Dental FLoss

Many people wonder what the difference between waxed and unwaxed dental floss is? Well there are a few differences which you might find interesting!

Waxed Dental Floss:

  • Helps slide in between tight teeth

  • Does not remove as much plaque as unwaxed floss

Unwaxed Dental Floss:

  • Could get stuck or shread while trying to get between teeth

  • Removes more plaque then waxed floss

*Either waxed or unwaxed will do the job of removing debris...

What kind of Dental Floss do you like?

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Jourdin said...

I liked the waxed, because my teeth are very tight, and the waxed floss makes it a lot easier to get in between my teeth:)

Anonymous said...

If I use floss (usually I water pick) I like the unwaxed floss because waxed floss can build up crud and spread bacteria.

Alex Stephen said...

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