Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Flu Bug-It Lurks In Places You Might Not Think Of

The dreaded flu season: Will it make it's rounds early this year? The news media has already begun reporting the warnings and vaccines are already available for those who want to get an early start at prevention.
Of course, airborne contaminants can be difficult to avoid, but aside from the obvious... playgrounds, children's toys, door handles...etc., here are some tips on other places the flu bug can hide...and how to prevent your family from catching it.

*Telephones (at home or office)
*Paperwork that is passed between employees
*Shared computer keyboards (home or school)
*Gas pump handles
*Your purse! (you may accidentally set it down on a contaminated surface)
*Escalator/Stair rails
*Elevator buttons

There is no way for most of us to avoid touching these surfaces on a daily basis, but most of the time the flu can be prevented with a couple of simple steps.

*Wash your hands!
*Hand sanitizer (carry it in your purse, your car...keep it in your desk at work)
*If you should come into contact with public surfaces, do not touch your hands to your face!
If you know of some tips for staying healthy and avoiding the flu, please share them with us! We'd like your feedback.
Here's hoping this flu season is a mild one!

As always, keep smiling!

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