Monday, August 8, 2011

The DDS: A Plate That Helps You Consume Less Food!

As I was browsing the web this afternoon looking for something interesting to blog about, I found this article. It's called the DDS (doesn't say what it stands for). Apparently, the DDS is an appliance you can have custom made which supposedly prevents you from taking in large bites of food. The DDS fits snug against the roof of your mouth, reducing the amount of space for food. You only wear it when you're eating, and according to a study, people who wear the DDS consume 25% less food and lost around 1.3 lbs more per week. Of course something like this doesn't come cheap. The DDS will set you back about $400, but if it does what it's intended to do, you'll be set back a few pounds too. Something to think about next time you visit your cosmetic dentist :)

I found this information here.

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