Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling With Braces On Your Teeth

The question has come up concerning Scuba Diving or Snorkeling with braces. Well according to bracesreview don't cancel your plans just because you have braces

There is plenty of room for the regulator or snorkel to fit on the inside of your teeth. They suggest getting comfortable with the equipment in your mouth long before you jump in the water. If you are wearing rubber bands in your braces from jaw to jaw, it is recommended that you take them out for the dive because if you clear your ears and adjust to the pressure by wiggling your jaw the rubber bands may snap and be lodge somewhere in your mouth or possibly swallowing.

Divers with braces say it was very easy and they barely noticed they had the braces on. A good thing to do is to keep practicing before you descend. If you have access to a pool, practice with a snorkel or bring just your regulator in the pool with you. This will prepare you for the dive.

If you are still a bit wary, you may want to stick to the snorkeling or a shallow dive until you get more comfortable.

You may want to rinse your mouth with freshwater after a long contact with saltwater. It is not necessary, but it definitely won’t hurt and you can do it while drinking your water post dive.

Good luck and enjoy scuba or snorkel while wearing braces.

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