Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Do you need braces? Have you ever took a look at the different types of braces are? Well if you haven't here are some different types to check out!
  • Ceramic braces (tooth colored)- Very Strong and usually do not stain! The brackets "blend in" with the teeth, making it less noticeable to people! These are most likely to stain if you smoke, drink coffee... Here are some pros and cons: Pros- You may feel more comfortable, blend in with the tooth so it does not show up in pictures! Cons- More expensive than traditional braces, Treatment may take longer.
  • Invisalign Braces- This is great for people with minor problems (slightly crooked teeth) This is made with very strong plastic and made just for you. Pros- No one can tell you are wearing braces, easier to clean. Cons- Cost a little more than traditional braces, treatment can take longer.
  • Metal Braces(traditional)- Very strong and can withstand most treatment. At first maybe very sensitive but that will subside after a few days. Pros- The least expensive, tend to take the least amount of time for treatment. Cons- More noticeable than the others, not comfortable.

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