Tuesday, December 12, 2023

How to Ask Your Dental Office if They Accept Your Insurance.

 NEVER ask your dental office if they take your insurance! Ask instead if they are "in network" with your insurance.  This is something we at Savon Dental Plan encounter frequently. Typically, the dentist office will say that they do accept your insurance. But there is a huge difference, and it could wind up costing you a small fortune in fees that are ultimately not covered, or covered sparingly. 

They may very well accept your insurance, but that doesn't mean they are in-network!  Out-of-network costs are much higher than in-network costs.  Fees are usually pre-negotiated between the dental insurance and in-network dentists. Dental providers can charge exorbitant fees (basically whatever they want) if your treatment was done by an out-of-network dentist, leaving the balance of what the insurance company doesn't pay up to you. 

The key to getting the savings ($$$) and protection you deserve (and pay for) is to know your insurance benefits and do your homework before choosing a provider. Get an understanding of the terminology.  You will be happy you did in the long run. But contact your insurance company, not the dental provider.  They will direct you to an in-network provider.

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