Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Wisdom Teeth - Do We Really Need Them?

The issue of whether to extract healthy wisdom teeth in young adults has been hotly debated over the years.  The general theory is to extract now, avoid problems later. There are pros and cons to this theory, of course, but  I suppose It's like having an appendectomy...or a tonsillectomy. Afterward you discover that you really didn't need them to begin with! Wisdom teeth, afterall, are not positioned for adequate chewing. It isn't like they are essential. The fact is, teens and people in their early twenties heal faster.  A wisdom tooth extraction (or any extraction, really) is kind of like an amputation.   It isn't so easy when you're older.  Conversely, smokers, diabetics and people in poor general health or with compromised health have a harder time healing and can experience more complications than younger, healthier people. People in good health tend to heal faster.  It's that simple. Not to mention that a good percentage of wisdom teeth never erupt; they remain impacted and can actually cause the teeth to shift and affect your bite.  I guess I have mentioned the pros to this theory and not really any cons!  Feel free to chime in if you can think of any reasons why not to have your wisdom teeth extracted!

We'd like to know your opinion on the subject, both doctors and patients!

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