Thursday, September 29, 2022

How To Pull A Loose Baby Tooth

We all know children are eager to pull out their loose baby teeth because they know the tooth fairy will come and leave money!

Parents and older siblings come up with all sorts of fun ways to pull baby teeth but the best way to pull a child's tooth is the normal old-fashioned way. 

Take some gauze and wiggle the tooth back and forth to determine if it's ready to come out. A tooth that is ready will be able to move freely. If it is resistant, leave it and try again in a few days.

If the tooth is ready, start by rubbing some Orajel on the region surrounding the tooth and give it a few minutes to numb the area. Next, take a new piece of gauze and gently pull the tooth. 

Once the tooth is pulled there may be some blood. Apply pressure with a clean piece of gauze to help stop the bleeding. After the bleeding has stopped check the gums for any tooth fragments. If you notice tooth fragments that are left behind, DO NOT remove those on your own. Make an appointment with the dentist because those fragments could get embedded into the gum which can lead to pain and other dental problems. 

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